History of the Club

Extracted from Freeman’s Journal (Dublin) 1861
Tuesday April 30
A CRICKET CLUB AT BRAY – A preparatory meeting was held in the commissioners’ board – room, in Bray court – house, with a view to organising a cricket club. P. W. Jackson, Esq., J. P., in the chair. The meeting was well attended, and before it broke up a number of gentlemen in the immediate vicinity of Bray enrolled themselves as members, paying in their subscription at once. P. Barrington, Esq., was appointed treasurer, and R. Croisdale, Esq., honorary secretary ; the rules of a former cricket club to be revived and made applicable.
Friday May 10
Some members of the new Bray cricket club met for practice to-day about three o’clock in a piece of ground generously lent for the purpose by William Domville, Esq., adjacent to old Connaught – Avenue, Bray.
Members paid subs in advance in 1861 ! !