Charles Stewart Parnell at Avondale in 1863

Bray take on South Wicklow at Avondale
Wicklow Newsletter


Saturday August 15th, 1863         

(Highlighting of Parnell’s performance is by me)


South Wicklow V. Bray

The return match between these Clubs was played at Avondale on the 4th Inst., and resulted in an easy victory for the former club with 123 runs. The Bray Club, as will be seen by the return of the score, played 3 men short.

The South Wicklows were the first to go to the wicket against the bowling of Messss. A. Plunkett, G. Croasdale, and R. Starkey, some good play being exhibited by Messrs. Parnell, Bayly, W. Oliver, and K. Edwards, the former making a splendid hit to leg for 6. W. Oliver handled the willow in first-rate style, placing 20 to his credit on the score sheet, all being out for 93.

The Bray men then went in represented by A. Plunkett and G. Croasdale, but owing to the superior bowling of Messrs. C. Parnell, E. Bayly, and J. Jones, they were soon disposed of, the former being beautifully caught out by Mr. A. Manning at long; and the latter very soon succumbed to a splendid underhand ball from Jones which walked into his timber yard, going out for a duck. Mr. R. Starkey made a stand for a well made 18, the last wicket going down for 36. In the 2nd innings of the South Wicklow men the principle contributors to the score were Messrs. J. Jones, who made 24 in rattling style; J. Connell puzzled the bowlers, playing in a style that elicited from the lookers-on continued outbursts of applause, Mr. A. Manning carrying out his bat for 12. Their opponents then went to the wicket, having to make 161 to win, but their wickets fell in rapid succession , all going out for 37, which evidently showed that they were no match for the South Wicklow players. The longstopping of J. Connell and R. Croasdale being worthy of special mention, as also the fielding of the South Wicklows. There was a large attendance of  the neighbouring ladies and gentry on the ground during the day.

The following is the score:-

South Wicklow

1st Inn. 2nd Inn.
H. Gaffney bd. G. Croasdale 0 ct. substitute bd. Plunkett   0
J. Jones lbw bd. A. Plunkett 0 ct. substitute bd. Starkey   24
J. Connell ct. R. Croasdale bd. G. Croasdale 7 ct. bd. Plunkett   39
C. Parnell ct. R. Croasdale bd. G. Croasdale 14 bd. Plunkett   1
E. Bayly bd. A. Plunkett 12 run out   7
A. Manning ct. M’Hardy bd. Starkey 0 not out   12
K. Edwards bd. R. Starkey 10 bd. Starkey   6
W. Oliver ct. G. Croasdale bd. Shanon 20 bd. G. Croasdale   2
Tim not out 2 bd. A. Plunkett   0
W. Barnes ct. G. Croasdale bd. Shannon 0 bd. A. Plunkett   1
J. Critchley ct. M’Hardy bd. Shannon 0 run out   4
B,3; lb, 3; w,19; nb,3; 29 B,8; w,7; nb,1;   16
Total 93 Total   103
1st Inn.   2nd Inn.    
A. Plunkett ct. A. Manning bd. J. Jones 11 bd. E. Bayly   7
G. Croasdale bd. J. Jones 0 ct. Connell bd. Bayly   6
R. Starkey ct. Tim bd. Bayly 18 bd. C. Parnell   11
L. Riall bd. J. Jones 0 stumped H. Gaffney   4
Shannon bd. J. Jones 0 ct. Connell bd. E. Bayly   0
R. Croasdale ct. J. Jones bd. Bayly 0 not out   3
J. M’Hardy bd. E. Bayly 2 ct. Barnes bd. C. Parnell   0
W. Toole not out 2 ct. and bd. E. Bayly   3
B,1; wb,2; 3 B,2; wb,1;   3
Total 36 Total   37