Coghlan’s Newspaper References Co. Wicklow

Some Charles Coghlan headlines from newspapers 1833/1872

Extracted by Bruce Chandler

Charles Coghlan’s career was at Bray Library where he worked until shortly before his death in 1962. A profile on his life was written by his friend Kevin Murray for a 1992 publication of the Old Bray Society.
Coghlan’s place in the annals of Wicklow local historians is assured through his mammoth undertaking of headlining all County Wicklow items in the Freeman’s Journal and Wicklow Newsletter/People from 1763 up to 1914. His work is a master class in precis. It is all in his own excellent small handwriting, some 600 plus pages, each larger than A4. The value of this work to local historians is immense, both as an immediate reference guide to events in Co. Wicklow and in its own right as a summary of them.
I extracted what headlines I thought would be of general interest to readers in the above period. I set them out below; they form only a very small proportion of the total headlines for the period written by Charlie Coghlan. In transcription I have used a handwriting font to convey Coghlan’s clear handwriting. The complete work of Charles Coghlan is available for viewing on microfilm at Bray Library.

5.6.33 – Stated that Dublin and Kingstown Rly. intended to carry line as far as Bray.
6.1.37 – Committee appointed to report on advantage of extending D. K. R. to Bray.
16.10.44 – Reported in “Wexford Independent” that meeting will be called to consider railway from Wexford to Dublin through Wicklow and Bray. Promoted by Gt. Western Rly.
21.1.45 – Directors of D. & K. Rly. Set up provisional committee for constructing a line fr. Kingstown to Bray.
24.7.45 – O’Connell left Dublin for Wexford the 22nd. On arrvl. at Bray alighted at Quin’s & was recd by P. P. & the clergy: & joined a public breakfast. During his stay street crowded to excess, & area in front of hotel almost impossible. Mr. Putland, intended joining party, but was prevented by illness, but gave his men day off, & carte blanche to use his shrubberies to decorate the town with green boughs. Band played outside hotel popular & patriotic airs, the members, tastefully attired in crimson & blue, were driven on cars in front of his carriage when he left at 9.45am, amid the enthusiastic acclamation of thousands. Route fr. Glen of the Downs, NTMK. & Ashford lined – great reception. In N. T. notwithstanding majority orangemen, nothing could exceed enthusiasm. Houses decorated with branches, & in middle of town arch erected with orange lilies & green laurels, in alternative wreaths, across the street. 10000 at Ashford, with several temperance bands, surrounded carriage & played national airs. In Arklow there was also tremendous enthusiasm (fully described), the band of the town being one of the best temperance bands in Ireland. 29.10.45 – Letter fr. Mr. Chas. Putland, fr. Brayhead, dated Oct. 27, 1845, regarding alarming state of the potato crops, & suggesting treatment with lime by coating when dug & put in pits.
19.3.46 – Potatoes per stone week ending 24/1/40 Bray 3½d.: Wicklow 3d. Same week 1846. 5½ & 4½ respectively.
10.4.46 – On the 7th, while guardians sat at Loughlinstown, about 40 men from Bray sat down opposite gate. Guardians wanted to know what they wanted, work or relief, & agreed to admit one or two to board room, where they were informed no relief could be given out, but would admit such as were destitute, with their families to the poor house, which they informed the others, & went quietly away. Meeting to be held in Bray, to apply to govt. to relieve poor of the district.
17.7.46 – Pleasure trips by S. S. “Isle of Bute”, fr. N. Wall to Bray Hd. & back.
9.11.46 – We understand that the destitute poor in the neighbourhood of Old Connaught, the residence of Ld. Plunkett, are liberally supplied with bread, meat, & soup three times a week at his lordship’s expense, & that it is the intention of the Lady P’s to purchase wheat & have it ground, for distribution to the distressed. It is also stated to us that his lordship has raised his labourers’ wages, & that he gives them fr. 10/- to 12/- a week. 10.2.47 – Letter stating destitution to an alarming extent is on the advance amongst the poor of Bray, despite great efforts by Ld. Meath & resident gentry to help funds of relief committee established to check its progress. Lady Meath giving away coals, blankets, & warm dresses to poor in her own immediate vicinity, & contributed towards erection of soup kitchen. The shopkeepers & other respectable inhabitants helping, but bad weather, & wages being so parsimoniously dealt out, labouring classes engaged on public works is almost reduced to verge of death. Their spirits are depressed, their manner is wasted – they are not able to work. Such is the deplorable state of the once cheerful peasantry of this part of Co. W. Commendation is due to officials of Board of Wks……to Mr. Ellis, paymaster, for the prompt & generous manner in which he has discharged his duty.
29.3.47 – Bray 27th – The resolution of discharging some of the men on the public works has been effected in this district. Out of 170 engaged, 36 have been discharged. They are quiet as yet; but say if there is not some provision made for them, they will or must have food. Nothing has been done for them as yet.
10.4.47 – Pleasure trip to Wicklow by “magnificent steamer”, “The Isle of Bute”, fare 2/6 return, covering all expenses of landing & embarking at Wicklow. Refreshments of every description Dublin can produce, on moderate terms. A ladies cabin. Sunday 10/7/47. (Paper reference to same: similar trips last yr.)
26.7.47 – The crops in Co. Meath, Kildare & Wicklow reported magnificent.
26.8.47 – Account of cutting of first sod of the Waterford, Wexford & Wicklow Rly. yest. Bray Head selected as presenting more difficulties than any other. Road leading to Head thronged with carriages. Ld. Courtown raised first sod & Col. Acton the second. Former stated men would receive their wages regularly, & in money, not cheques or orders, as was the case with other lines. At same time several trains laid for blasting exploded. Dinner later at Quin’s. Numbers of healthy & happy-looking country women present, who were the wives & sisters probably of the dense crowd of labourers who assembled in hope of employment.
“The scene was altogether exciting, the crowds of peasantry, the women clad in the characteristic red shawl & dark gown, contrasted with the fair & fashionable of Dublin.”
13.3.48 – On the 10th, 2 men employed at Bray Hd. on rly. line fell over cliff & were badly injured (One died).
3.6.48 – Seventy men dismissed from WW&WDRy. Works at Bray on the 27th ulto.
10.2.49 – Account of blasting operations on the rly. wrks. at Bray Head. Electric battery used to fire charges.
8.1.50 – WWWDrRy. Seeking powers to build railway fr. Dublin to Wicklow only, instead of Waterford.
2.1.51 – Bray Head House – Some months since the mansion and beautiful rounds at Bray Head were purchased for the religious order of Loretto, whose chief establishment is at Rathfarnham. The mansion has since been fitted up and the grounds arranged in the most tasteful manner, for a convent & school, which is to be opened on the 7th of this month, for the reception of boarders and day-pupils, under the superintendence of one of the ladies of the order, eminently qualified for so important a position.
19.6.51 – New bill, Dublin, Dundrum & Rathfarnham Rly – Road leading to Martello Tower & Battery, in parish of Bray, to be carried over the rly. by means of a bridge … Lights to be kept burning on bridge over the river at Bray.
15.10.52 – 500 at work on rly. round Head.
25.11.52 – Bird’s-eye view of projected improvements planned by Mr. Quin, of Bray, on his land exhibited at Mr. Cranfield’s gallery. The rly. in progress will cross river some hundred of yrds. below present bridge, at place where little estuary is tolerably wide, then running along beach for some distance to terminus, which will stand midway between gradient? & Martello Tower. From station to hotel rly. will construct avenue to hotel on either side of which Mr. Quin has planned to build terraces, villas, & ornamental lawns. From view it would appear improvements are designed in appearance of hotel that it cannot be recognised as the same on the outside. Interior, we believe, cannot be much improved. Mr. Quin, in correspondence with capitalists in this country & England on the subject, his propositions to grant perpetuities to those who build are most encouraging; & before the rly. is open the citizens of Dublin will be indebted to him having in Bray one of the most enchanting places of resort & of residence which any city in Europe can boast of.
1.12.52 – Report of death of Mr. Quin, of Bray, aged 91.
25.1.53 – Action in Rolls Court – Mr. Quin, Bray, v. Dublin & Wicklow Rly. with reference to interest on sum of money lodged in Bank of Ireland for occupation of certain lands found necessary for the line.
20.5.53 – To strangers coming to Dublin. The proprietor of Bray Hotel begs to direct attention to his establishment, where every accommodation can be had at an easy distance fr. Dublin. N. B. – Public conveyances to & fr. Dublin at almost every hour. Fare 1/-.
7.7.53 – The name of Capt. Donnellan, Bray, has been added to the list of requisitionists for the meeting to promote a testimonial to Mr. Dargan. 20.7.53 – Bray Rly. Races – The rly. is now nearly complete, & will run in about ten days. The races which were formerly carried on with such spirit on the pretty race-course of Bray, has been discontinued since 1835, but, for the benefit of the town rly. it is hoped that they will shortly be revived, & there could not be a more auspicious time than at the opening of the rly. or shortly after. The attention of the rly. co. & the inhabitants is, therefore requested to the objects.
9.8.53 – Stated at meeting of Dublin & Wicklow Rly. that it would be useless to work the line from Dundrum to Bray, before portion between former & Dublin were completed.
10.8.53 – DWRy. report. The extension of the line south of Wicklow has been pressed on the attention of the board & although duly sensible of the advantages which any extension must afford to the parent line by the increased traffic which would be therefore drawn over it, they are not prepared to recommend any course which extends their undertaking beyond the borders of Co. Wicklow.
2.9.53 – Visit of Qn. Victoria. Yest. despite all preparations ready the Qn. Cancelled at the last moment on account of the inclemency of the weather. Large numbers collected at Enniskerry.
21.1.54 – Bray Station nearly finished, & line round Head, including 320 yds. long tunnel, goes on with amazing rapidity. The wks. beyond the Head, on the line to Wicklow, are in the same rapid progress which Mr. Dargan is so powerfully capable of effecting.
29.5.54 – New Hotel, Bray, Notice to Builders. Parties disposed to tender can inspect plans in Dublin – tenders before 6/6/54 (The present E. S. R. Buffet; formerly the Marine Hotel, burned summer 1916).
4.7.54 – Opening of DWRy. yest. postponed on account of unfavourable weather.
10.7.54 – Rly. opened to Bray from this day. On the 8th three special trains with the Drs. & their friends ran down fr. H. St. to Bray where tea was served, & a dance held on the platform. The band of the 1st Dragoons also sent down. Others visited works at Bray Head & the beauty spots of the district.
15.7.54 – Bray Rly. Quin’s Hotel. Table & Hote Dinners will be given every Sunday for the rest of the season at Five o’clock consisting of Soup, Fish, Meats & Pastry. Price 3/- per head. Parties are requested to take tickets as soon as they arrive in Bray. Dinners given to parties in private rooms as usual.
20.7.54 – Dublin Natural History Society held their 16th annual dinner yest. in refreshment rooms at Bray station. Travelled down by special train at 5pm. Arrvd. Bray shortly before 6pm. & departed at 10pm. Dinner provided by Mr. Breslin, earns of a most admirable description.
4.8.54 – Jas. Shirley, of Enniskerry, to start cars fr. Powerscourt Arms to Bray station fr. the 7th inst. Fare 3d.
28.12.54 – Riot at Bray Rly. station – Mr. Breslin in charge of refreshment room & buffet stated his belief that the row did not altogether arise fr. his refusal to supply drink, but sprung fr. a good deal of local jealousy he has to encounter.
5.1.55 – We regret to learn there has been a serious outbreak of cholera in Bray, and that, owing to some defect in the arrangements of the board of guardians, no proper medical attendance has been provided, – “Evening Post” (extract fr.)

30.5.55 – Dinner given to celebrate opening of Breslin’s Bray Hotel. & 50 sat down last evening.
16.6.55 – DWRy. Excursion train fr. Harcourt St. to Bray at 11 a.m. daily, returning 8 pm. Single fare.
16.10.55 – Experimental trip made on portion of DWR, between Bray and Wicklow on the 13th, fully described.
20.10.55 – Official Notice by DWRy. that line to Wicklow would be open for public traffic 30th inst.. Shareholders to get free tickets until 3rd Nov.
25.10.55 – Lord Lieutenant to travel fr. Harcourt St. to Wicklow to open rly. this day.
26.10.55 – Long account of the Ld. Lt’s trip – train consisted of four first-class, & three second class carriages. Text of address presented – delivered in national school room.
26.2.56 – DWRy. meeting – stated co. had got contract to carry mails Dublin to Wicklow.
13.3.56 – DWRy. Cheap trips St. Patrick’s Day. Dublin to Wicklow 2/4; K’town to Wicklow 1/11.
27.5.56 – DWRy. On 29th single fare tickets to be issued. Celebration of peace with Russia. Fireworks in Phoenix Park. Late trains fr. H. St. – 11.30p.m. to Wicklow and 11.10p.m. up fr. Bray.
29.5.56 – Train at 11.30pm. fr. H. St. altered to leave at 12.30am for Wicklow.
31.5.56 – Delgany Hotel & Ry. Dinners & Luncheons supplied on the shortest notice. Well appointed cars meet trains (Fare 4d.)
31.5.56 – Letter – 12.30 express fr. Dublin, turning first curve of Bray Head, surprised group of little children between 2 & 5 yrs. at distance of not more than 40 yds. The driver Joseph Browne, at risk of his life, jumped off and snatched fr. the jaws of death one of the children. No human exertion on the part of the driver & guard could have stopped the train in time, & it was entirely due to the cool intrepidity of the driver the child’s life was saved.
2.7.56 – Yest. evening board of directors of Dublin & Kingstown Rly. entertained to dinner at Breslin’s Hotel, Bray, as guests of directors of the Dublin & Wicklow Rly.
28.7.56 – DWR. Excursion Train – A Military Band will perform at Bray fr. 4.30 – 6.30 pm.
9.9.56 – Directors & shareholders of DWRy. entertained on the 6th at Bray Marine Hotel by Wm. Dargan.
16.9.56 – The new bridge of Bray opened for traffic on the 11th by Mrs. Mason of the Anchor Tavern, Bray & Mrs. Butler of Loughlinstown; they being the first to cross the water were heartily cheered by all the men on the work, every person present, who they liberally entertained in the evening.
12.3.57 – DWRy. First train to W. delayed yest. stone fell on line near Bray. Engine derailed & slightly damaged. Passengers forwarded to Wicklow by cars. In afternoon line cleared for traffic.
4.5.57 – To Builders, Baths, Bray. The DWR Co. are ready to receive Tenders for the erection of a range of Bathing Boxes on the Strand at Bray ….A. Moore, Sec. 1/5/57.
13.7.57 – Advt. Powerscourt Arms Hotel, Enniskerry – improved conveyance three times to the Bray Rly daily.
28.8.57 – DWRy. Sunday fares Dublin to Bray in future to be 1/2 return.
31.8.57 – The band of the 94th Regt. Will, by permission of Lt. Col. Mills, play at Bray this day, fr. 3-4.30pm.
4.9.57 – Yest. members of British Association visited Killiney, & then lunched at Breslin’s Hotel, Bray; at Greystones thirty cars were waiting for them & they proceeded to Delgany, Glen of the Downs, & the Waterfall, back to dinner in Breslin’s & returned to Dublin by rail; party 140.
17.9.57 – One of the labourers on the D. B. Ry. named Michl. Finn, was killed on the 15th by one of the engines on the line, which knocked him down & passed over him. An inquest was held on the body by Mr. Harty, coroner. It appeared fr. the evidence that the deceased, who was deaf, was working on the line nr. Bray with some other men, when an engine came up. All the workmen got out of the way but the deceased who did not hear the noise of the engine, which came suddenly round a short curve in the line & knocked him down. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. 3.10.57 – Meeting held yest. in Bray to consider advisability of placing town under operation of the towns improvement (Ireland) Act. Rlys did not wish their premises included in the township, as they were already provided with gas.
17.10.57 – Account of grand ball held at Powerscourt. Trains fr. Bray to Dublin at 2 & 4.30 a.m.
9.11.57 – On 7th full elected Commissioners of Bray Township – Earl of Meath, Dr. Waller L. L. D. (by power of attorney for DWry), Dr. Thos. Darby, John Quin, Edmund W. O’Reilly, Peter W. Jackson, Andrew Keogh, Edw. Breslin, Hy. Kingsmill, Jas. Burke, Thos. Miller & Stephen Rafferty. 16.12.57 – Quin’s Hotel, Bray – Proprietor, according to usual practice at this season, reduced his charges for apartments by 50%. Rly. Station is within grounds attached to the Hotel.
8.1.58 – On night of 5th, “Abeona”, brig Odessa, corn, for Dublin, on nearing Irish coast, ran too close in shore, between Bray Hd. & Kingstown, it appears Capt. mistook lights on Bray section of the DWRy. for harbour lights of Kingstown; nearly ran ashore.
23.2.58 – DWRy. “Dock required at Bray by Admirality for the ‘trade’ completed “ (Dock for merchant vessels).
3.3.58 – DWRy. – Tremendous swell for some time off Bray Head – trains suspended for day.
3.4.58 – Foundation stone of Enniskerry church to be laid by Dr. Cullen. Lord mayor of Dublin to attend. Cars to run fr. Bray Rly. station to Enniskerry.
20.7.58 – D. W. Ry. Dargan had interview with Grand Jury of Co. Wexford with reference to extension of rly. into co.
27.7.58 – Dargan has men engaged taking survey of traffic passing Arklow, Enniscorthy & Wexford.
31.8.58 – Boats raced at Bray yest. at Bray Hd. Weather bad early & few present, but later took up, beach became thronged with fashionably attired people. Sports not of very varied character, but afforded considerable amusement. Band of Co. Dublin Mil. Present. A punt chase & duck hunt concluded the sport.
4.10.58 – Bray Gas Wks “- We anticipate that this event, & hope the weather may prove propitious, will create no little interest amongst the townspeople of Bray, the gentry & visitors of this fashionable watering place & its vicinity especially as it has been announced that the Countess of the Meath ( in the unavoidable absence of the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Meath, Lord of the Manor) has kindly consented to lay the foundation stone. The day fixed is Oct. 4th at 2 pm. & we understand the directors & friends of the undertaking will avail themselves of the accommodation afforded by Breslin’s Marine Hotel to partake of luncheon, whilst at the same time it is intended that the workmen employed should not be forgotten. It is suggested that it would be desirable to encourage the children of the public schools of the town, by a holiday, in order that they might witness the inauguration of this invaluable public work. Embedded in the centre of the foundation stone will be placed a bottle, hermetically sealed, containing a parchment manuscript describing the statistics, govt. & content of the town; the yr. & reign of the Qn etc. In order that in the event of the removal of the building at any future period the efforts made by the present inhabitants towards the rise & importance of Bray should be testified by this record “– Wicklow Newsletter (Extract quoted by F. J.)
5.10.58 – Full account of laying the foundation stone of Bray Gas Works. Co. formed 1856, capital £2500. W. M. Stears, of London, contractor & engineer.
18.11.58 – Report of general meeting of the Dublin & Wicklow Rly. held to consider proposal for extension of the line to Gorey.
31.12.58 – “Building operations at Bray are likely to be more intensive next yr. than they have been hitherto. Mr. Dargan is about erecting two pair of semi-detached villas & terraces of commodious dwelling-houses, also Turkish baths on a large scale, of which we understand Mr. Cunningham is the contractor. For the former Mr. Wilkinson is the architect, & for the latter Sir John Benson. A new church is in progress fr. designs by Mr. Barre, architect, of Newry: as also are some works of a domestic class fr. the designs of Messrs. E. Carson, Burne, & J. J. Lyons, architects respectively.” The Irish Builder. (extract from)
4.2.59 – Case of Kinsella v. McPhail for assault at Bray station just prior to departure of Wicklow train in court.
25.2.59 – Public meeting held yest. in Court House, Bray for the purpose of taking into consideration a bill now before parliament, for enclosing the commons & converting it into a public park. Peter Jackson, J. P. chairman of the commissioners in the chair. Some protest against the proposal. Common said to have destroyed by Ld. Meath (who ripped it up to procure materials for building of his castle) and others. £50 required to level it. Mr. Clifton led opposition. Seven generations of his family lived there before him.
16.3.59 – The Bray Town Commissioners called for locked tenders for flagging the footpaths in the town before the 28th. J. L. Darby, Hon. Sec. Town Commissioners’ Office, Court House, Bray. 14.3.59
1.4.59 – Report of debate in House of Lords on Bray Commons Bill. Population of town doubled since 1851.
57 acres to be enclosed, 15 at other side of bridge “Resort of loiterers”. Dargan wanted the bill.
4.4.59 – Glencree first reformatory in Ireland for boys – to be inspected by Capt. Crofton R E. the chairman of the directors of convict prisons in Ireland.
10.6.59 – At present there are 16 boys in Glencree.
20.7.59 – Omnibus fr. Bray Station to Enniskerry to run fr. 20/7/59 – Fare 6d. Robt. Darlington, proprietor.
22.8.59 – DWRy. Well appointed Two Horse omnibus to run between Bray & Enniskerry. Fare return 2/s.
13.10.59 – DWRy. Tender wanted for building house & two cottages adjoining the station at Bray.
14.10.59 – Turkish Baths opened in Bray. Dargan laid out esplanade, mile long x 300’ wide. About fifty houses built along the front, including terrace of twelve splendid houses by a Mr. Brennan. A few of the cabins remaining will probably be gone by next summer. Duncairn Tce. Being built, architect, Mr. Wilkinson. Baths 180’ x 70’ x 40’, built of red & white brick, with base of cut granite fr. Dalkey quarries. Chimney shaft 70’. Mr. Reid? Barter, architect, & Mr. John Cunningham, contractor.
27.10.59 – £400 spent by Dargan in fencing esplanade with chains & granite posts. Collection proposed but refused by him. Borough funds would not permit of work, on account of expense of gas works, etc.
29.10.59 – The Imperial Roman & Turkish Baths, Bray, to be opened for public use 2/11/59. Doors open at 6am. & close at 11pm. Except Sundays when they be shut 10am-3pm. No shampooing on Sunday.
3.11.59 – Tenders asked for erection of extensive addition to Royal marine Hotel, Bray, Wilkinson, Architect.
22.11.59 – Report of meeting of Bray Commons’ Commissioners – Fair Green to be established.
4.2.60 – Action by A. General against DWRy. Alleged dock built at Bray under Act of Incorporation had no rings or bolts for moving regards?: no stairs or steps for convenience of passengers passing to & from rly. station; & that there was an old excavation nr. the dock which undermined the walls, & that the dock had fallen into disrepair.
29.2.60 – Mr. Quin, Bray, proposed at meeting held in his hotel to let the frontage (unoccupied) from the town to the Rly. on Quinsborough road, containing 29 lots – 15 of which were taken.
28.7.60 – Hydropathy & Medicine United. Galtrim House, Bray. To meet wants of Invalids frequenting Mr. Dargan’s magnificent Turkish Baths. Terms £2 per week.
4.8.60 – J. Lacy’s Bray Head Hotel, on the Sea Shore. Strangers visiting this delightful locality will find it to their advantage to call to the above Hotel. Dinners supplied at the shortest notice. A Table d’Hote on Sundays and Mondays at Four o’clock. Bed & Breakfast 3/-. Picnic parties. Supplied with a coffee-room capable of containing 40 persons. Refreshments of the best quality.
6.8.60 – Contract called for by Bray Commissioners for to – (a) form, lay a tide sewer, gravel & complete main road, & to form stone, gravel & complete terrace walk on south side of park.
Along river; (b) build a walk round proposed fair green – R. H. Frith, C. E., 51 Leinster Rd. 6/8/60.
14.8.60 – Pension Medicale at Galtrim House, Bray, in connection with Turkish Baths. Maison de Sante opened in which medicine is employed. Admits of patients retaining ordinary medical advisers, and carrying out prescriptions whilst in the Establishment.
1.9.60 – DWRy. A separate train for goods and cattle will commence running between Wicklow & Harcourt St. from this date.
1.10.60 – Building lots in Bray opposite Turkish Baths to be let, 900 years lease. Jas. Redington, House Agent.
4.10.60 – Another account of Glencree – 210 boys at present there, two-thirds of which are orphans.
25.10.60 – Messrs. Dargan, Keogh, Breslin & Burke elected to Bray Commissioners on the 22nd.
3.11.60 – Account of sale of lots of building ground on Bray Commons; realised £3,200. To be spent in beautifying the ground. Altogether £ 8000 in lands of Commissioners – £1400 to solicitor.
14.11.60 – On the 8th bar opposite Bray river successfully cut through. Stream at last moment, being diverted from its usual course, rushed impetuously through cutting into the sea. Work started some time back, but delayed by succession of spring tides. Contractor, Jas. Swallow, energetically resumed work on the 5th & completed passage of about 120 yds. & 4 in depth. Will prove great convenience to vessels, but its remaining open can only be insured by constant work.
8.12.60 – Weather bad on Wicklow coast – fears entertained for upper portions of houses building in Bray, in anticipation of crowded season in 1861.
5.1.61 – Police at Bray supplied with new clothing, cut, but to be made up by local tailors.
18.1.61 – At one o’clock on the 16th, a train of waggons, heavily laden with sleepers for the extension line to Gorey, passed down the line fr. Harcourt road. The works are being pushed on vigorously, & there appears to be reason to expect that a portion at least of the line, between the town of Wicklow, & the “Meeting of the Waters”, will be open before mid-summer.
23.1.61 – Site for International Hotel, Bray selected by Mr. Brennan, & the architect, Mr. E. O’Kelly yest. N. E. angle of Mr. Quin’s field selected. Face forty-foot road for 180’.
Bray Savings Bank in existence for 30 years.
20.3.61 – Account of progress of construction of International Hotel, Bray. First stone laid 18/2/61.
Reported intention of govt. to erect telegraphic poles & cones along the Wicklow coast, Bray Head & Wicklow Head mentioned as suitable points for them.
27.3.61 – Bray Notes – 13’ road being formed along sea edge of esplanade by permission of C. Putland. Bray Head can now be reached by entrance through sth. Stone bridge of railway line.
30.3.61 – Bray Notes – many visitors by rail fr. Dublin (stated to have been 4000, 2/4/61).
8.4.61 – Bray – Sea walls of some extensive hot, cold & open sea baths started on the 6th at north end of esplanade. They will present an Italian facade about 40 ft., the sea front being 72 ft.
4.5.61 – Traces of gold found in Bray river. 1825 ft. wall started yest. fr. bridge to rly., to cost £3,000.
14.5.61 – Bray Notes – esplanade presented to town by Dargan.
21.5.61 – Big crowds visited Bray for Whit, 930 came down by the “cheap” 10a.m. train.
28.5.61 – Bray Hotel (Facing Quinsboro road) – three minutes fr. sea & rail, opened by Mr. J. Kennedy.
29.5.61 – Survey for harbour at Bray- would probably cost £10000. Mr. Firth & assistants at work. Pleasure steamers would ply if work completed. 21.6.61 – Meeting of Bray Commissioners to consider legal means of taking over esplanade fr. Mr. Dargan.
10.7.61 – Bray Improvements Grant passed by Grand Jury. £26 accepted for road leading fr. Main St. through Navarre to the sea, recently constituted a country way.
12.7.61 – Tenders wanted for building six houses in Quinnsborough Rd., Bray, for W. Dargan: a villa near the new waterworks, on the new road; four houses for Ed. Breslin, on the Q. Road.
17.7.61 – Report of trip of directors with Mr. Dargan on the new line from Wicklow to Rathdrum.
12.9.61 – Prince of Wales to visit Powerscourt; travel to Bray by rail fr. H. St.
20.11.61 – Seapoint House, Bray, residence of late Robt. Seymour, to be let, without or with furniture, Eight Bedrooms, Two Sittingrooms, etc.
13.1.62 – The Bray division of constabulary, under Inspector Brownrigg, was supplied with the Enfield rifle.
28.1.62 – Bray, Arklow, Delgany, Wicklow G. P. O’s to become saving banks as fr. 3/2/62.
5.4.62 – In reply to numerous applications as to when International Hotel, Bray, will be opened, Messrs. Brennan & Reynolds beg to inform nobility & gentry that they propose if possible, to open it upon the same day that the International Exhibition at London will be inaugurated.
19.5.62 – International Hotel, Bray to open 31/5/62. Banquet tickets 30/-.
5.9.62 – Ground laid out by Mr. Dargan for Mr. Levett’s athletics will be opened by an attractive programme on the 29th. The Ld. Lt. will preside.
10.10.62 – Full account of opening of Bray Pleasure Grounds by Ld. Lt.
1.1.63 – Advt. Sports at Bray – Advt. International Hotel, largest in Ireland.
19.2.63 – Tenders wanted for erection of extensive range of stables, Coach House, & Laundry Buildings for marine Hotel, Bray, 12/2/63.
24.3.63 – Understood Levett gives up Bray Recreation Ground to Dargan after next fete, in view of residents of neighbourhood having an objection to the games being held there.
14.5.63 – Considerable additions are at present being made to the Loretto Convent, Bray.
26.5.63 – Report of Sports in Bray – ground referred to in report first time as “Carlisle”.
28.7.63 – Quin’s Hotel, Bray, to be opened by a lady as a boarding-house under a new name.
Description of consecration of Christ Church, Bray, by Protestant bishop of Killaloe.
19.9.63 – Reported one of the Bray local authorities had absconded with wife of one long resident in the town; also that the owner of a large establishment has eloped with a barmaid.
16.1.64 – DWWR. Engine of conduit pipe train for Waterworks broke down nr. Killiney on the 14th & the waggons ran in an siding at Ballybrack. Some carriages of the down train due at Rathdrum yest. at 10.30a.m. off-line near Glenealy & delayed two hours.
20.1.64 – Bray Improvement (Harbour) Bill in H. of C.
23.1.64 – Advt. Bray Commissioners prepared to consider tenders for letting of baths now occupying site on sea shore, opposite new road leading to newtown vevay. Jas. D. Cope, Town Clerk.
30.1.64 – Bray baths mentioned above to be removed to position pointed out by Commissioners on esplanade.
30.3.64 – Bray Strand Baths to be let, most lucrative investment – Hot, cold & tepid provided.
8.6.64 – Programme of Bray regatta. DWWR. Giving prize £50. Total prizes £172.
20.8.64 – Inquest held Bray on body of Jas. Burnett, goods guard, DWWRy. Killed 18th by stooping fr. van his head striking an iron bridge.
30.8.64 – Bray Gas purchase by Hibernian; gasometer No. 2 being removed fr. Dunleary to Bray to supply town.
7.9.64 – Free passes for exhibitors & specimens by rly. to Rathdowne Horticultural Society held Carlisle Grounds, Bray. Bands of 78th Co. Dublin
Light Inf. Society founded by Dargan two years ago.
17.10.64 – Account of election of Bray Town Commissioners. Dargan elected – great services to town mentioned.
29.10.64 – No. 3 Martello tower, nr. Bray, has been found shaken fr. the foundation, having been sapped by the seas running in along the coast during the recent gales. It is considered to be in an unsafe (state.)
3.12.64 – Bray & Enniskerry Rly. bill to be introduced into parliament next session.
20.12.64 – Bray Commissioners – tender fr. Hibernian Gas Co. – £5 per lamp lighting all night – 50/- for those until 12.
DWWR asked to run 11pm. Train ex H St. to Bray.
Dublin waterworks wrote stating intention to take powers to contract for supply of water to premises in the town.
27.3.65 – Mishap on DWWR – Collision at Bray between Enniscorthy train & ore train. Mrs. Toome of Wicklow slightly injured.
13.5.65 – Description of visit of Prince of Wales to Powerscourt. 17.5.65 – Ball given by 60th Rifles at International Hotel, Bray last night. Special train fr. Dublin. From station to hotel archway specially constructed for the occasion.
9.7.65 – DWWR Bray Regatta, 31st. Special trains for H. St. at 8 & 11pm. Also at 7.30pm. for Ovoca.
11.11.65 – Part notice Bray & Enniskerry Rly. – From junction with DWWR about 760 yds. from N. end of passenger platform at Bray to be 77 yds. S. of the parapet of bridge carrying old road to Scalp over Cookstown River.
22.1.66 – Bray & Enniskerry Rly. – £2941.17.5 deposited.
9.4.66 – DWWR meeting Bray & Enniskerry Rly approved of – shareholder stated line not worth while.
2.5.66 – Bray Commissioners – Complaint about state of esplanade, no interference, property of Mr. Dargan.
24.5.66 – Public meeting to be held at the Turkish Baths, Bray, on the 28th – to consider subject of utilising buildings for public purposes by formation of assembly rooms, concert, exhibition, & literature halls with reading, refreshment rooms, & other accommodation.
29.5.66- Report of Bray meeting (see 24th). Coy. To be formed with £5000 capital to take over Bray Assembly Rooms.
3.8.66 – Bray & Enniskerry Rly. bill received third reading & passed on the 31st.
Bray post office to deal with govt. insurance & annuities.
9.1.67 – DWWR. Special train for H. St. after Bray theatricals at 12 midnight (Full account 10/1/67).
29.4.67 – DWWR Bray & Dublin – reduced fares on Sundays & Mondays 1st class 3/-; 2nd class 1/6; 3rd 1/-.
19.7.67 – The works for Bray Harbour were commenced yest.
20.8.67 – Bray Comms. – Attention of trustees of late Mr. Dargan called to dangerous state of bridge over river nr. the railway. 5.10.67 – Hibernian Bank took over Union Bank at Bray, etc. fr. 7/10/67.
13.11.67 – DWWR. Announced 28 trains between Dublin & Bray daily, some of which are express. Through trains to W. Row also, performing the journey in half an hour, & arranged to suit persons at business in the City.
17.2.68 – Bray Commrs. – Stated owing to exertions of Ld. Meath & Mr. Verner, M. P., there was no doubt loan of £10000 by Bd. of Trade for harbour would be granted. Contract for sewers in Bray given to Patk. Byrne & in Little Bray to Michl. Byrne. Gd. Jury of co. asked to place on that body a member of the commrs. For township’s interest.
9.2.69 – Bray Commrs. – sewage board to be constituted under provisions of Public Health Act.
15.7.69 – Law case over Dargan property by Macrory purchaser of some of the lots (Including the Bray estate).
11.2.70 – Dargan’s estate in Bray – law case over terrace bearing that name by Macrory stated water supply uncertain now, no private resevoir, as land on which it had been was purchased.
10.6.72 – A great want is proposed to be supplied in Bray – a reading room. Its success or failure will depend on its constitution, for the people do not forget how Mr. Dargan’s intention was frustrated, and hope mistake made in reference to the Assembly Rooms will be avoided (also 11.6.72).